Nook Restyle

Currently I’m in the process of restyling a little nook in our family room! There is an end goal for this space, to become the home of some beautiful stairs leading to a finished attic space! But for now, I just want it to be functional, and of course beautiful!

The dream:

As always, when I start what I assume to be a small, quick project, it turns into something much bigger! The paint on this wall was bubbled in places and I set out to peel and repair those areas. Not long into it, I discovered just how easily the paint was peeling and proceeded to involve the family and get it totally stripped down! This should not be that easy of a project, but it just peeled away in big sheets! So easy in fact, that our three-year old enjoyed the demo! All in a day’s work, we got it stripped down to the drywall, which is still in good shape. As a matter of fact, there’s still some texture left! This caused quite a conundrum! Why is this peeling away so easily? Was it a bad application in the wrong weather temperature? Did they paint over wallpaper? Still stumped, even after the advice of an expert! Nonetheless, we’ll keep moving forward with the demo.

There are a few places on the edges that will require a little more elbow grease! So now, I can’t decide what to do with this neat little area! That’s where I need your help, friends!

I’ve got a few ideas! I want this area to be a darker color, to make it appear larger and really pop from the grey walls and white trim work. I’m going with a monochromatic theme in this room. Vote on your favorite idea below:

A. Reclaimed wood. We have the original farmhouse built on the property in 1927 on the back piece of our land. It’s falling in and I want to save as much of it’s history as I can! I love the idea of bringing some of that wood in and making a fun little reading nook!

B. Black shiplap! I’m really into black right now and I think this is the perfect opportunity for it! I also like the idea of running it vertically like in this photo! Maybe some shelves or photos, and a desk area?

C. Chalkboard. I also really like the idea of painting with black chalkboard paint! This could be a more fun, whimsical area for our family. I have a vintage child’s desk I thought of putting here!

So what’s your vote? A, B or C?

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  1. Cynthia Gamez says:

    I go with “A”…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You and I love our reclaimed wood! Picture my turquoise “gather” canvas and some colored canvas prints hung there! I want that juxtaposition of bright photos popping off a dark wall!


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