Nook Restyle Revealing

A Momma workspace.

Hey y’all! We finally got that nook restyled! Remember the ugly?

Well it’s been greatly improved! I’ve been wanting to do a matte black shiplap wall and this seemed like the ideal spot to use it! I shared some ideas and polled my friends as you may recall from the Nook Restyle post, but this was the ultimate winning inspiration: I discovered a new favorite paint along the way: Sherwin Williams Showcase-it is truly the showstopper of interior paints, and I have tried them all! This beautiful Black Magic was just right. Since I have plenty of black, white and grey in the family room already, this seemed like a good place to showcase more vibrant colors. I did a little play on primary colors, because I knew I would be putting my beloved “desk” here. So that became my core piece for the color palette. This is also my workspace so I got the opportunity to reveal some of my personality as well.

We found these old scaffolding brackets out back with the fallen-down barn we inherited on our property. I’ve been hoarding them to use for just such a shelf! I have more, but I just wanted the one shelf in this area, so you will likely see these again in future! Husband and I went back and forth on the color of the shelf, matte black or stained wood? Ultimately Chisum chimed in with his vote for “just wood”, and it really was a pretty piece of wood, so we went with it and I love how it turned out! And how it added that little bit of nature, keeping that modern farmhouse feel I’m going for!

So here it is, the reveal!

Now I can’t wait to get the flooring replaced in here! This family room is 50% done!

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