ReStyle with Jacinda

I have always loved redecorating! That is because decorating is never definite in my household! I tend to change my mind about where an item functions best, or get bored with a design, or our lifestyle just demands changes in our home. I also love a challenge! Like how to create something new from something old that we just can’t make ourselves get rid of! Or how to repurpose items in an unexpected way. Best of all, I love saving money!!! What I have found is that this is how most women are! Oftentimes we want to be creative, we want to have nice homes, or cute clothes, or just to really be IN THE MOMENT with our family. But the reality is we dont know how to do all those things! We have spouses, kids, pets, dinner, laundry, school functions, homework, and so much more. Every. Single. Day. We just don’t have the time, because…well eventually, we must sleep and brush our teeth, right? So we get overwhelmed, and just give up! Y’all, that’s why I created this blog! I want to learn and teach you how to have it all in your home. So join me! Let’s learn together how to reuse, repurpose and reinvent our unique and wonderful styles in ways that help our families thrive!