Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to my very first addition of Thrifty Thursday, where I bring you design ideas, mom-ing ideas, and more!

Chisum and I dropped off donations at our favorite thrift store today. Of course, it just so happened to be sack sale! We walked away with a Stearns youth life jacket for $3, and tossed a men’s Magellan breathable shirt, that was priced at $6, into our $8 brown bag! Momma got a couple cute new candlesticks to add to her collection! It was a good haul!

Okay on to the real thrift story!

The first thing that drew me to our new country home, was it’s wraparound porch! Then, when we saw the house for the first time, it just so happened to be at sunset! Watching that glorious orb descend from the front porch was beyond peaceful. I immediately knew I wanted to spend the rest of my days in a rocking chair on that porch! On our second look, we took our parents, again at sunset. When Wade and I returned from walking the acreage, my daddy and father-in-law were propped up on various benches posted on that porch. It was a moment where time stood still and God spoke peace into my heart. This was to be our place. Our little slice of country heaven!

Fast-forward, a year or so! I’m finally getting the last of the boxes from the back porch unpacked. Clearly, these are the things that weren’t that important to us (except the box of long-lost baby toys that Chisum insisted upon keeping)! We tend to spend more time on the front porch for obvious reasons-that’s where we park and ride our bike, etc. But I decided it was time to fix up the rear of the house! The kitchen door opens to the back porch, and I’ve wanted nothing more than to have an outdoor dining table out there. It’s shaded in the evenings back there and I’m usually out watering the garden, while my husband and son are doing various things! It’s just where we want to be. So I made it my mission to get the back porch ready before the Texas Summer heat settles in!

I decided I first wanted to create multiple seating arrangements.

Even one for Chisum-size visitors!

We had kept our first dining room table all these years. It’s a bar height, country oak, with creamy white turned-wood legs. It has a fold-up leaf that makes it 5 by 5 foot! It is a great, heavy, solid table, and although I’ve replaced it with an old “real” farmhouse table found in the original home on our property, I couldn’t bring myself to part with this one. It just held too many memories!

Last summer, Wade purchased a similar table in a darker stain for just $40! What was so great about this table was that it came with four chairs and two benches! It needs a little TLC, but nothing too scary! Obviously, it’s not a perfect match for my country cutie table, but I knew instantly I wanted to fix up those benches to use with ours. (I plan to give the remaining table and chairs a little spruce and selling them to make our money back.)

Wanting to be as thrifty as possible, I pulled out a leftover quart of antique white chalk paint I had from my kitchen buffet. Boy do I love some good chalk paint! No sanding, a quick wipe down to remove any dust or residue, two coats and it dries quickly! So I painted the first coat on the benches while is was disassembled, had Husband put them back together, and topped it with a second coat. I mentioned to him that I love these kinds of projects, because I can get down and dirty with my brushes and just throw them away when done! You see, I wanted these to have a shabby chic look about them, you know, where the paint will wear in time, revealing the wood beneath! So there’s really no rhyme or reason to the painting, you just get er’ done! When you see the curvy legs of my table, you’ll understand what I mean! This chalky white is a bit brighter than the legs, but will do well overtime from the outdoor elements. The color will turn and the paint will chip over time, giving it just the style I was going for.

Then I had this brilliant idea to save on fabric for the bench seats! Someone had attempted to recover these babies, and did a pretty bad job! (I think I forgot to take a photo in my haste to rip the ugly off!) I thought it would be pretty genius to use a good old-fashioned cheap tablecloth to cover the seats! The vinyl ones with the felt backing. Picnic style. The kind your Grandma had on her table when you were a little kid! Little did I know that practically nobody carries this type of tablecloth anymore! Who knew! So after searching multiple stores, I hit up my good ole trusty Dollar General and found some great options. What I learned was that they carry 4-5 of these types of tablecloths every season. So the colors and patterns change every few months. Makes sense, if I were using the tablecloth as intended!

I knew what colors would work best with the rest of my decor, and I knew I wanted something geometric, not too feminine! I’m very happy with what I found! Isn’t it cute?

We had our first dinner out there last night and it was just perfect. I hope to make many more memories at this table.


Tablecloth: $4

Paint brushes I could trash when done: $3.50

New staple gun because mine was lost in the move: $8

Before pics

Major improvement, right? Tell me what you’re doing that’s “thrifty” lately!

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