How to survive a 4-year-old, with music!

I had the best of intentions. Relative easy morning, great workday, good energy, sunny afternoon plans with my kid. The stars have aligned!

Yet, upon pickup, his first words were “I want Dad.”

Cue crushed hopes for a lovely afternoon.

Empathizing, “Awe, I’m sorry bud, dad’s at work.” (He got the afternoon off the day before, no doubt prompting today’s expectations!) Cue excitement, “I was thinking we could go home and check on the kittens, have a popsicle and water the garden, play with the puppy, and maybe clean mom’s car!” All of these things sound pretty good to me, but my son replies, dryly, “I just want Dad.” Sigh.

A few minutes later…

Returning to the car from dropping Aquaman at a Redbox, “Okay, let’s go home!”

“But I don’t wanna go home!”

“Baby we gotta get home and let the cat out.”

“But I wanna go there!” (Points to Sonic)

“No, not today.”

“But I’m so thirsty, and hungry! Why can’t we just stop there?”

“Well for one, it’s not in the budget.”

“Call Dad, he has money.”

Cue mumbling mom, “Well Dad is not the one who gave up his body, his career, the last five years sleep, or his bladder. And I need to pee!

Mental note: save more money by not buying toys so that we can splurge on these meltdown days.

A few minutes later…

“Kidsbop Mom. And. Don’t. Sing.”

Cue shocked face! Oh no he did not.

Mental note: no more staying up late to watch awesome movies. The Mogwai needs 10 hours sleep at night or he turns into a Gremlin.

“I can’t hear it!”

Turns up volume, text Husband “Think you can pick up some margarita mix? And duct tape?”

If looks could kill…I would’ve been dead by mile 5! 25 miles to go.

Let me tell y’all, it’s nearly impossible not to sing to Kidsbop when you hear the songs 24/7! But I resisted the temptation, and honored the little tyrant’s request. However!

Cue evil laugh! Words cannot explain how secretly thrilled I was when we hit “The Deadzone”!

You see, we live in the country. Every day, 10 miles from home, service drops and FM kicks in. Oh yeah!

“Today’s music ain’t got the same soul…” Amen Bob Seger, I’m with you!

“Can I get unbuckled?”

“Um, no sir. You may not.”

“But I hate seatbelts!”

Turns up volume! Waterfalls! Y’all know I rocked that alllll the way home!

Ah, the sweet sound of defeat!


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