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We recently added some walls and redesigned the layout of our office. We did a little musical chairs, and almost everyone is in a new space! With this new space, I inherited a cheery, yellow wall! My previous office was all white, so I designed with black and white photos and inspirational words, all framed in simple black wood frames from the Dollar Tree. But this style didn’t suit the warm sunny tones of my new office, so I packed almost all of it up, and after living with a blank slate for a week, I’ve finally come up with some ideas!

Naturally I would want to create something that would cost me as little out of pocket as possible. So I left behind my commerical office furniture, and took over my boss’s old stand up desk (this is in a bid to create a healthier me this year!). This desk has black metal legs and a wood veneer top. It’s a little worn, lending a touch of character. My guest chairs also have black metal legs, with brown faux leather seats.

As with the other aspects of my lifestyle, I want to stay as minimal with the decor as I can manage, while still showcasing my personality. I actually have very little wall space to work with, because a huge dry erase board takes up one wall and the yellow wall sports a silver good hands logo, as well as my huge computer monitor. That leaves the wall behind my desk and the one behind the door. In my old office, I had a kids corner with a roll of brown paper framed where customers with kiddos could color and create. I want to create something similar in the small space behind the door (I hope to complete that section for y’all by next Thursday!).

So the focus naturally becomes the wall directly behind me. I’ve got my feelers out for a great piece of storage furniture to place along this wall. But for now, I’m obsessed with these incredible photo sketches I’m seeing all over Pinterest: But it just isn’t in the cards right now! How could I create big impact with very little cost involved? Here was my plan B idea: Well, we just so happen to have a ton of these poster plexiglass frames lying around all over the office not being used…so I asked my boss for permission and took two home to experiment with. Very soon, the color theme started leaning towards brown and black. If I can just figure out a way to tie in that straw yellow! I tend to like to keep a room’s color scheme to 3-4 colors anyway, with white counting.

Knowing I would of course want pictures of Chisum, I started rummaging through the pictures on my phone. I chose two that had a similar color theme and style and ordered them in 8×10’s from! I would have printed these myself, but I’m out of ink and Walmart has a pretty good price for just a couple one-hour prints. I rolled out some brown paper and voila!

So here is the result! Tell me what you think? How have you decorated a similar space on just a few bucks?


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  1. Erin Day says:

    I think those turned out super cute!

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