Staycation Phase 3

I know, it’s a little late! Better late than never! Getting back into routine has been challenging this week!

For our remaining few staycation days, we focused on family and relaxation. Thursday we spent some time outdoors, Chisum and I even played in the water on the trampoline. We worked on a new habitat for Rippy, our pet turtle. Friday we had lunch with Pepaw before he headed to the east coast for his new job. Chisum got his big boy back-to-school haircut! We also had Emmie and Grampa over for dinner. Then Saturday morning, I picked up Marmie so she could stay the weekend. So Chisum got a heavy dose of his favorite people! We went bowling and out to eat with some friends Saturday evening-that was a blast! And on Sunday, we just chilled! It was so nice! Here are some of my favorite photos!

As far as Staycation goes, this was one of the best times we’ve had! It was lovely just to relax and lose all track of time! It wasn’t busy or chaotic like a regular vacation would be when you’re coming and going, trying to cram all the fun possible in, and sleeping in strange new places! If you’re on a budget, but still want to have a sense of vacation, I highly recommend trying the Staycation idea. You can truly make it fun and memorable without damaging your savings account!


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