Staycation Phase 2

Quality family time!

It has been so nice to just not have to follow a schedule this week! That in itself can be so relaxing! It wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be to find free and cheap ways for us to have fun! This may be easier with young children but I will say, in everything we have done, it has all been memorable! We’ve had simple, light meals this week. We took Chisum to McDonald’s yesterday to burn off some energy and play with humans his size! Wade and I sat and enjoyed playing finger bowling on the McDonald’s game computers! Just finding the joy in the simplest of things!

We went to C’s favorite store, Five Below and got yummy snacks!

A few other things we’ve done this week: Reading, resting, school supppy shopping, camping, and PrimeTime.

At PrimeTime, we played games and won some new snugglies! The food there is surprisingly good. C enjoyed PT Island and we all loved the go karts! I would say we spent right at $100 there, which is pretty good based on what a general vacation day would cost if we had traveled and eaten all our meals out !

What a great family memory!

We also did a little campfire and toasted marshmallows and stargazed! Followed by putting up C’s little tent and watching ghost movies (Casper and Scooby Doo) right in our living room!

Not looking forward to returning to work and a schedule next week, but I plan to make the most of our next few days!

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  1. Cynthia Gamez says:

    we’re waiting for YOU!!!!


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