Closet Conundrum

Closet space is coveted in our master suite! Husband is already down to one-fourth of the closet space we do have! So it was time to get creative with some space-saving techniques. What takes up the most space in the closet? Chunky hangers, right? I know, I know, they’re sturdy, they hold up under the pressure of heavy clothing better than their wire counterpart! There are times when they’re downright necessary. I personally like the department store plastics with the wire hook:

For two reasons:

The shoulder hooks are great for many of my dresses, securing those slinky fabrics on the hanger. But I especially love this second hanger hook so I can layer clothes, taking up less of that precious closet space. I’ve done this with as many dresses as possible, hanging similar styles together.

Look at how much space was gained! 4 down and only about 46 more to go!

Tips: Now if you haven’t “stolen” enough of those department store hangers, just use a coke tab from an aluminum can! It’s works just as well, although not as pleasing to the eye! But it’s your closet so you decide what matters most! Also, don’t layer your good department store hangers together. Use those as your top and hang a regular wire from it. And consider this as a good idea for hanging those matching two piece outfits, like skirts and blazers. Get creative!

Now I’m off to remove all those bulky hangers and replace them with wire ones! With luck and patience, I might be done by the time my family gets hungry for dinner!

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