Demo Day

First things, to begin, remove all clutter! For me that meant getting everything off the floors. There’s just something about tidy floors that speaks cleanliness to my soul! Once I had the closet floor empty, I sat down and began work on the pile of shoes. I first organized by style: flats, tennies, boots, heels. From there I put shoes in baskets and stacking boxes, but I also hung some.

I used skirt hangers for boots. And you know those wire/cardboard hangers you get from the cleaners? Simply remove the cardboard piece and bend the wire upwards for flip-flops/sandals! Notice my booties on the top shelf? This a nice way to display your off-season items, while keeping the surface from becoming a catch-all shelf. The shoes on the ladder are my most often worn work shoes. I’ve done it this way for years!

Once the shoes were conquered, I moved on to sorting my clothes by style. I chose to put jackets, scarves and hats on the bottom, because we’re moving into Spring and these items will be worn less. On the top rack, from left to right, I did my tops, skirts and then pants.

Now that the sections were compiled, I began color sorting. This way I can always find what I’m looking for! If you’re not sure what color to start with, google a traditional color wheel to help you! Or you could always call upon Roy G. Biv for assistance! I strayed a bit here simply because I have colors I wear more often or it just made sense to me visually! I began with white as it’s the color I wear the least, followed by purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, brown, green, blue, black, and finally grey.

I will likely go back and rearrange my booties by color as well (in my current case: red, brown, black).

Do you see how my jeans are folded on the shelf? I do this for several reasons, besides that it’s much more pleasing to the eye! 1. They take up less space. 2. They don’t weigh down the hangers or hang lopsided. 3. I never have to worry about hanger creases! I sort and stack them based on their style, such as skinny, boyfriend and bootcut.

So for a day or two, I’ll feel that out and see how I like it as I decide whether or not to paint the closet!

Now for His side! Well sorta! My dresses are taking up one third of his space! Again color coded. Then I separated mine from his with his cap hanger. I then mirrored my upper rack: Husband’s jeans, short sleeved shirts, followed by long sleeved. His jackets are still packed and I plan to put them in our coat closet in the family room. And besides the suitcase in the corner, his floor is currently empty! Not that he has many shoes to begin with, but he has a bigger wire basket than my two to toss his giant shoes in! He keeps his boots by the front door so that leaves some space to be utilized!

Next order of business will be the top of his closet. I have a fun idea planned for all his cowboy hats!

Tips: I suggest an empty box for donations as your clearing out the clutter, as well as a trash bag or box. And don’t forget one for the empty hangers!

We’ll have to live with a messy room for a few more days, but stay tuned for more progress and fun organization ideas throughout the week!

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