Spring is in the Air

I haven’t been on a Spring hiatus y’all, I’ve just been Spring cleaning! When I think “spring cleaning” I picture a gorgeous housewife in a French maid outfit scrubbing tile grout and polishing silver, all without a stray hair from her bun! Not at all what I look like after a day of hardcore cleaning! For me, spring cleaning this year has meant cleaning one room at a time (and I mean really trying to hit every nook and cranny) while unpacking the few remaining boxes for that room. It’s been like a Tetras game really, trying to find homes for all of our stuff! I’ve had to make a few runs to the Dollar Tree for containers and Ziplocs and get quite creative at organization! I’ve also been eating cleaner, lots of salads-that kind of thing. Converting my family however is incredibly challenging! I read one time about our subconscious and how during Springtime, our bodies naturally crave lighter fare. Thus we turn to spring green salads with fresh fruit, and have more cold dinners. I even see fresh new Spring recipes when I jump on Pinterest and see what’s trending in food!

I think there’s something about Spring that really is “in the air”. It’s as if our bodies, minds and spirits need this season of cleansing. I love opening up the windows and doors and letting that fresh, springy air flow through our house…it’s as if that alone gives my home new breath! So I wanted to share what my family has been up to this past week, and give you a 3-step Spring cleaning lesson!

First things first, get motivated! Don’t take off that bra ladies! Seriously, the first thing I want to do when I get home is strip out of those work clothes and remove the brassiere! But the moment I do, it’s as if I’ve thrown in the towel and I’m as good as done for the remainder of the day! If that’s you, that’s okay! Take a breather and dig up some motivation! I am currently reading Remodelista and The Year of Less. These two books have given me daily inspiration to get up, and get something done. Both are about teaching yourself new habits. The Year of Less is about a year without shopping! Whoa. That just sounds crazy! It sounded crazy enough to capture my interest, and I’m so glad I’m reading it! It has encouraged me to shop only when we need something, and only for what we need. As well as some basic minimalist ideals. Now, the Remodelista, Julie Carlson, is a mastermind with a renowned blog and several books. I’m reading Remodelista, The Organized Home. I love her basic lists and simple steps, as well as picture ideas for inspiration. It’s information we already know, just don’t know how to use efficiently. I literally start reading either of these books and within minutes, I’m up applying their ideas. So what motivates you? Watching an episode of Fixer Upper or hopping on Pinterest always sparks an idea for me. Add in some favorite tunes, cranked up, makes the cleaning experience so much more fun, especially if you have little helpers!

Second, organize your cleaning supplies. Have a centralized cleaning supply location, be it a closet or cupboard, and have it organized by room or type. I have a “laundry closet” that has open cabinetry. This is where I store all of my cleaning supplies in bins labeled for my convenience. So when it’s cleaning time, I’m not wasting precious time trying to find all my supplies! This is also where I keep my mop and broom. The vacuum and shampooer live in the coat closet.

Third, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Chisum loves helping! Yes, sometimes letting a three year-old do the dishes can get kinda messy! But parents we are raising these babes to grow into self-sufficient human beings! Use bribery! My kid will work for a quarter! Host a cleaning party! Invite a Norwex consultant over and have a little demo party with your girlfriends! If you just don’t have the time: Hire it out-apparently Care.com is chock-full of people who just love cleaning!

To recap:

1. Get motivated.

2. Get organized.

3. Get help.

Now what are you waiting for?! A little extra inspiration maybe? If you’re still feeling restless after all that cleaning, then get outside. Plant something. Bring some fresh plants inside your home. Spruce up the porch. Or paint something with a fresh, bright color. I always find that giving the windows a good scrub in Spring really brightens up the house, inside and out. It’s like your washing that dingy Winter gloom away, and welcoming the sunshine and new life into your home!

Stay tuned because this week I’ll be showing you three Spring ideas that each cost less than $100: my new wall garden, our vegetable container garden and a porch refresh!

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