Big Boy Alert

I’ve heard people say that one day they were holding their newborn infant with one hand and the next they were shaking their grown son’s hand and sending him off to college.

I know that time is like watching water evaporate: when you’re watching intently, it slowly dissipates, but if you glance away for a moment, it’s gone! It’s the same with raising children. That’s something I didn’t realize until I became a mom, and even then, it took a few years to set in! I recall those many well-wishers saying things such as “Enjoy this moment, before you know it he’ll be grown.” and me thinking I’m just trying to survive today! But those parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and more, they were right! You won’t hear that from me often!! Sometimes it’s hard to stop and smell the roses because life is so crazy fast and constantly throwing us a curveball! I have had a few of those moments myself, usually when looking through baby photos or going through his clothes. He’s growing like a weed, but I tend to enjoy those brief moments, while still thinking he’ll always be my baby! But, today I had a very defining moment when I realized my baby was no longer a baby, but a boy! A big, intelligent, witty boy.

It was his semi annual dentist appointment. Something I dread every time for the week leading up to the appointment! I personally hate going to the dentist because all I ever had were bad experiences! But I am determined to keep Chisum on track and to make sure he has a better relationship with his teeth and his dentist! In the beginning, the good doctor and I butted heads a few times! He didn’t agree with our extended breast-feeding, but ultimately respected our decisions. And my tiny human cried at every checkup and it was so hard to watch him being held down just to exam his baby teeth. At every approaching appointment I wondered if it was necessary. Yes! It is. It’s just like anything else raising a small being, consistency is key! Today we graduated from the tiny baby room that is literally the size of a closet, to a big kid exam room! Chisum was thrilled! He got to pick a superstar sticker, lay back and watch tv on the ceiling, and he was excited for once! His babysitter had previously taken him out for a strawberry snow cone with gummy worms, so this afforded a lot of laughs in the dentist’s office! The dentist put the sunglasses on and gave him a cool car to hold, and Chisum was a pro! He did everything he was asked to do and with such maturity that made me proud! The doctor and his staff joked that he finally won Chisum over after three years!

I do think I played a small role in this by prepping him with my own excitement and positivity. As a mother, I’m always learning. And I’ve said more than once lately how I feel like I’m only just now catching my breath, finding my footing in this crazy parenting world. Chisum is at an age where he’s quite smart and understands way more than I give him credit for! Something I’ve started doing is just talking to him like an adult! Normal words, full sentences, calm tones. Not setting high expectations without explaining my reasoning. See, children don’t understand logic, often not until they are young adults! In the past, I hadn’t prepped my son for things like doctor and dentist appointments. Maybe this is where I went wrong and meltdowns ensued! Or possibly it’s just part of childhood maturity and this would’ve naturally occurred anyways! Either way, this was a successful, memorable day! Now that I finally found my footing raising my baby boy, today reminded me that time is disappearing and it’s likely time to start over and learn how to parent my little boy!

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  1. Yes, talking in full sentences like they are an adult really seems to make a difference in our house! The only way they learn is by hearing us do it. I’m pretty often suprised by my kids using big words or talking like an adult!

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    1. I am amazed almost daily at the vocabulary mine uses!


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