Work Hard, Play Hard

Chisum and I decided we deserved a little reward after all of our decluttering & donating! Knowing that I don’t want to bring more stuff back into the house, we hit Goodwill after school with a very specific shopping mission! I told C he was allowed as many books as he wanted and one toy. Now anybody who knows my kid knows that choosing just one item is going to be an hour-long process! My rules for thrift shopping are pretty simple. I look for items that are like-new or new-with-tags. It either needs to meet one of those two points or be something we absolutely think we can’t live without! Today I was specifically looking for work clothes for myself and jeans for Chisum. He has basically two pair of jeans that fit his growing body right now and I’m tired of washing them! And with growing kids, I’m a firm believer in buying secondhand! Here’s what we got: We scored two like-new pairs of jeans, a like-new Justice League T-shirt and three new, untouched sticker books! Chisum also purchased a bag of cars with a cool “car shop” as he calls it, with the three dollars he had saved in his wallet!

I did in fact get a pencil skirt, a grey pair of dress pants and two dresses! I know I donated at least double that from my closet so I didn’t feel [much] guilt purchasing these for myself. I also purchased a new-with-tags black dress. Now this was the most expensive item of the day, at $19.99. However, it was from BCBG with a $398 tag still attached! As I anticipated, it doesn’t fit quite right, so I hope to earn my money back from today’s shopping spree by selling this online!

I often look for an item like this that I can upsell. I consider it a good investment!

And finally we found this cool dance challenge game that we just couldn’t live without! And let me tell you, this momma is sore from strength training last night and she was no match for the Zippy Mat!

This was a good family-fun purchase at $5 and I knew it was worth it because it had a Dittos for Kiddos tag on it! And because we are big fans of DFK and I work it every season, I know that it has to have working batteries or they won’t accept it!

Today was what I would consider a successful, thrifty shopping day and I have no regrets about a little spoiling! We deserved a treat after all that we accomplished this past two weeks!


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