Conquering Chaos




1 complete disorder and confusion.

Monday Motivation meets Word of the Week!

I feel as though we have lived in a state of chaos since the moment we signed the contract to sell our old house. Our house of firsts! First “I love you’s”, first remodeling projects, first baby, first baby’s steps, and so so much more! We don’t miss our house, or city living…But I, for one, DO miss the calm, organized and clean, everything-has-it’s-place home! It takes time to feel out a new place, to find proper homes for all of your stuff! I get it, we have boxes half unpacked all over the place! But we’ve been here for five months and the time has come to put the chaos behind us and get our lives back under control! Yes, I still have boxes and I’ve only painted like one wall thus far, but times are a-changin folks! Momma’s come home to roost, from whatever crazy land she’s been living in! So this week’s project may seem small to some of you but for me, it’s one of the biggest, most dangerous places in the house (literally because of the hangers and high heels)! The closet is getting a makeover! Here it is in all of its current, um, glory?

Okay maybe not so much! But it has possibility! Wade and I are not used to sharing a closet and this one is funky! Here’s his side:

So stay tuned for this week’s project as I show you how to get organized and take back control of your cluttered closet!

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