New Blogger on the Horizon

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs and blog writers! Learning about blogging has been interesting and I think I’m only just scratching the surface! Someday I hope to be as famous as these gals! I love their styles, their ideas, the way they write and I look to them for inspiration. AND these ladies are all fellow Texans, which is like icing on the cake for me!

  • My obvious first choice to share with you would be I love Jo’s style! Husband swears she’s in my head, stealing my ideas! That just tells me that great minds think alike! If you love that homegrown, simple Texas farmhouse style, y’all, Joanna Gaines is your girl! Her classic style almost always comes to mind when I’m creating a style board! I think we are design soulmates!!!
  • I’ve recently found Now she is a well-rounded momma! You get a little splash of decorating, along with some yummy recipes, and just being the everyday woman in today’s world. She is clear and concise and I genuinely love to hear her thoughts! (PS. She’s from Oklahoma y’all, so be nice!)
  • Say hello to! Right now she has some adorable Easter recipes highlighted, like DIY Peanut Butter Easter Eggs! She’s my new go-to gal when I need to try something new with my family or for party planning!
  • And finally, Design Mom! Her mantra is “The Intersection of Design & Motherhood”. Need I say more? Her writing showcases her love for life and balance. I’m comforted by her conversation style blogging and drawn in like a moth to a lamp!

I hope you find some inspiration in one of more of these blogs! And please share those finds with me!

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