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One hour shirt apron!

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Got any old button-downs like these taking up precious closet space?

Maybe they’re stained or missing buttons. Or maybe they no longer fit or have gone out-of-style!

It’s time for a Restyle! Let’s turn them into your favorite apron!

It’s pretty simple and almost self-explanatory! I didn’t use a pattern or watch any videos, I’ve made these before based on the cute ones my granny has made! My best advice is to work with the shirt you’re using and not against it. Here is a photo tutorial almost step-by-step (it was bath time in my house so I had a few distractions!).

I’ve seen these made a few different ways and two are never exactly alike! I’ll be using the arms as the “tie strings”!

First, you’re basically going to cut the front off the shirt, leaving the collar intact. I open the shirt up and iron the inside seams opposite of where I’ll be cutting, simply to make things easier to see (I kinda left my glasses at work today!).

Then proceed to cut around the arm seams, effectively removing the arms altogether. Next, I button it back up and lay it out flat to cut around the collar, removing the back. (Save the full back for extra fabric-I like to make a skirt apron from that piece later!) Again I cut along seams, keeping everything nice and neat.

You’re halfway there! Now just a few pieces to trim, sprinkle in some ironing where needed, and you’ve got your apron pieces!

Here is a pic of my favorite sewing tools! Fancy!


What you’ll want to do next is make a straight line where the arm was cut out. I like to use my trusty yardstick to get both sides fairly even. You could cut a line all the way to the collar, I’ve done it that way before and it’s just as cute.

As you probably noticed, one side was an inch or so longer, based on the curve of the arm. No problem, I just make sure the top width is measured the same.

Now fold, iron and sew those rough edges!

Next, you’ll want to cut the curve off of those arms.

*The one thing I do differently between small/medium size shirts and large/extra large is here: I will sometimes fold over a piece of the arm width, making it a slimmer tie. See the difference?

Cut off the excess, pin and sew!

Voila! You’ve got yourself an easy apron you can slip on and go! It will quickly become your favorite! (I made this one for my mom, kinda hoping it won’t fit her right so I can keep it! Love you mom!)

Now go rummage through your husband’s or dad’s or friend’s closet and get sewing!


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  1. Erin Simmons says:

    Super cute! I would have never even thought of this and I need some aprons!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy to help you make some!


  2. Devita says:

    I was fine with it until you said sew!! lol.. Really cute love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol Dee! Well you could just use some no-sew and iron those seams! That stuff is the super glue for fabric!


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