Pops of Personality

I love color! I also love clean! So how do I marry the two, without regretting a decorating choice two years from now? I think many of us face this struggle when we move into a new home! I would love to be that woman that knows exactly what she likes and will like for the rest of her life! But, besides my husband, that’s just not me! What I do like is the ever-evolving decorating process!

With the new house, I am really drawn to whites, greys, and black. Colors that always look clean! I love real materials, and bringing nature inside: think wood, iron, greenery, natural stone. This is the vision I have for MY farmhouse. Now our home is not a true farmhouse! I was just built in 1987, the same year I was!! But we live on a beautiful piece of God’s country and desire farm living. The dreams include chickens, horses, gardening, and a barn or two, but let’s start with the house for now!

“Farmhouse” seems to be on trend right now! I know because I love Joanna Gaines’ style and I see what’s happening on HGTV, as well as our local home decorating and renovating stores. But I have no wish to be trendy! I have heard Joanna say the word “classic” time and time again. And I couldn’t agree more! But what does classic mean to  you? To me, black and white will forever scream classic! Farmhouse style might very well be forever popular in the great state of Texas. I do agree that its basic design principles mesh well with my family’s lifestyle. With that said, this is our forever home. I want to showcase our life in it. We each have so much personality, so shouldn’t our house as well? Plus I have the added benefit of designing this one for myself, not a buyer! (Oh and I guess I’ll sprinkle in some Husband and Child!)

This new game I’ve been playing with myself: decorating the walls prior to painting, has been fun and works quite well! I feel no guilt about putting things on the wall and then moving them around, creating more holes for myself to putty! But also, just trying out some different layouts and designs that I maybe wouldn’t normally do, as well as getting items out of boxes and off the floors, while not having to wait for the painting to get done and get dry! If you’re like me, and you already have a ton of decor, pictures and art, but you’re just not sure what color to choose, give this idea a try!

My whole thought process for our family room is Cool Slate walls, white trim, wood floors. The rest is negotiable! I do have an image of black iron stairs and pipe shelves, as well as a wood stove with a limestone backdrop. Again, natural elements. I love black and white photos, as you’ve seen in the past with the monochromatic decor and layered frames. This time, I’m bringing in some pops of color with colored frames and pieces of our family history.

For example:

Here I’ve hung an old window frame in its original Aqua paint from a great-grandmother’s farmhouse (this isn’t the first or last frame you’ll see like this)! I’ve then layered with a teal framed B&W photo, a muted colored canvas, and the more colorful pieces of my candle-holder collection. Once this wall is painted Cool Slate, I think this area will really pop off the wall! And wait till you see the piece of storage furniture I’m putting below it! What do y’all think? Does this showcase my family’s personality? If you’re still a little scared of color, start with pastels like I have!

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