Porch Moments

We have this glorious porch on three sides of our house! It’s one of the reasons we fell in love with this property. So I’ve been working on the porch in small sections. I wanted to create seating areas all around and an outdoor dining experience! The sun rises on the back and sets on the front so we’re forever rotating seating. So I decided the best way to handle this giant porch was to do so in sections. Create little porch moments, if you will!

I began with this porch sign my mom painted me for Christmas. And this bench that Wade and I saved many years ago (it’s due for some new wood again). Between these two windows is the center of the porch and felt like the perfect spot for sharing an evening sunset!

I also finally go to create a little wall garden! I had previously used this metal, stolen from an old screen door, as wall decor in my old home. Those little clay pots were 3/$1 at the Dollar Tree and Husband (lovingly) attached them with baling wire! I then purchased a large pot of succulents at Home Depot for $12 and separated out all the little plants. I think I ended up with 22 total succulents, so that was almost $1 each!

I’ve gotta do some thrifty shopping to get this huge porch completed, and that will take some time, but this was a good start!


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