Due to recent budget cuts…

The Schrampfer remodel is having to get pretty creative! Our new home has a wraparound porch with four exterior doors! You heard that right, four! One leading to the living room, one to the kitchen and one to each of the bedrooms. This porch is what drew us to the home. Right now, those four doors are 15-pane window doors. Talk about a lot of glass cleaner! Certainly not very energy efficient. I have been on the hunt for the perfect front door, as I’m working on the living room currently. Ideally I wanted to find an old farmhouse door I could reuse! But let’s face it, if you want vintage, you’re gonna pay for it! I’m an instant gratification person so waiting till the right door comes along wasn’t gonna cut it! Then I found this beauty:

Hello gorgeous! You wanna come live with me? This is the dream door. But the price? Well that was more like a nightmare! Then I found this:

Good alternative right? I can stain that, it’s got some neat character! Ahem, again with the budget. So the month-long search began. What could I afford? Was I ever going to find a true warm, solid wood, farmhouse door? I’m just a simple girl really! Then I found his guy on Lowes.com AND it was available in store! Now why didn’t I see that when I was there last? So guess what I get to pick up today?! I can’t wait and hope it’s as pretty in person! I get to stain it, and my husband gets to hang it! And I might go for one of those good ol’ fashioned screen doors too, because this is Texas and summer, thus mosquitoes, are right around the corner!

What do y’all think? Can I make this my pretty farmhouse entrance door? That price, 90% less than the dream door’s twin, just makes me smile! If you have a budget, don’t be afraid of late nights surfing the internet. You don’t have to stray far from your design, you just have to be patient and diligent. I hope to show y’all the finished product soon!

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