Trash or treasure?

So our new house had some nasty old ceiling fans…some I couldn’t get clean and some that didn’t even work properly! So when my husband removed this white one from our living room, and was about to throw it away, I noticed it has this great (dingy) brushed wood look to it. And it cleaned up okay! So I decided to make a windmill of sorts to use as decor! We are, after all, living the farm dream now! I had my husband cut off the curved ends, and bend a hanger for me-his skills (and tools) do come in handy sometimes! I’m so happy in how it turned it!

Notice how I am literally painting one section at a time? It’s easier for me to manage this way! That shelf has been with me for about 14 years! It was my first rescue. It’s actually a quilt rack. And that window frame. Y’all, it is special. We have quite a few rescued old windows like that. This one is from my mother-in-law’s parents farm, where she grew up! I’m really digging this monochromatic farmhouse style right now! Sprinkle in some collectibles as decor, and voila, Momma’s happy corner! Done in one Sunday afternoon!

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