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Remember that ugly bathroom I showed you guys about a month ago? The one that’s got a lot of bulky wood and peeling wall texture? Well I finally got a vision!

This is our front, also guest, bathroom, but mainly, the one my husband and son use. So I wanted to use classic pieces and colors, and for decor, I’m going with a deer theme! Very masculine! But also easy to change out. I don’t mean the corny redneck version, but something a little more subtle! I’ve spent many hours staring at that bathroom and browsing Pinterest ideas, but as always, I couldn’t find what I wanted! Then I hit a creative block for a little while! This afternoon after cleaning and moving some decor around in the kitchen/dining, I sat down and started making a list for the bathroom of what we had and what we needed. And suddenly I had a lightbulb moment! Making this list was like a realization! We already have most of what we need and seeing that on paper really kickstarted this image in my mind! I want to share that list with y’all so you can get an image of my design!

Here’s my list:

  • Flooring
  • Light grey painted walls ✔️
  • White wood trim
  • Matte black metal vanity✔️
  • Sink & faucet
  • Wood step stool for C
  • Backsplash & above shower surround
  • Shower faucet, knobs & drain
  • Turn weathered wood mirror horizontally✔️
  • Low weathered wood “body” mirror for C
  • Deer horn hand towel hook ✔️
  • Deer horn toilet paper holder
  • Deer head towel knobs from Hobby Lobby
  • 3 diy “ammo” boxes: 1 low for C, 2 above toilet for Wade and guest supplies
  • Wood deer cutout-splash of color✔️
  • C’s stuffed deer head✔️
  • Dad’s deer skull✔️
  • Two diy art pieces: “I love you deerly” & “get buck naked”
  • New colored towels, cloths, rug-splash of color

But first, a poll! To really begin redecorating a bathroom from the ground up, we must first start with..well the ground! Flooring! And this is where I need your help friends! Here are some contenders:

A. Buffalo check tile

This is very trendy right now, and a fun spin off the classic black and white. I think this would likely be my cheapest option!

B. 12×24 textured grey tile

Larger porcelain tile usually runs at a median price range. It also really makes a small space feel much larger!

C. Wood-look tile

These come in every wood color imaginable, as you can see! And will always be classic. I would choose a grey tone. It would also likely be the most expensive option!

Please leave a comment with A, B or C and explain the reason for your choice!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ginger Niehaus says:



    1. Thank you Mrs. Niehaus!


  2. Katie Sue Rhyne says:

    Hey J!
    I really love love love all three of these choices! I’m having a hard time deciding between A and C! I absolutely love the black and white and if you’re not going to use that anywhere else in the house I might pick it just because it’s so much fun! I do think it would look awesome in a bigger space as in a smaller space it may draw the eye downward and take attention away from any and everything else in the bathroom but I do love it so much! Of course I think the natural look of choice C is gorgeous and would blend well with everything else and the lighter grey color would make the space appear larger and the checkered pattern may make it appear to be smaller. Even though there are some negative factors with A it woul still look amazing so I can’t decide! Def one of these two though for sure! I’m loving your blog! Keep it up!

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