Last minute grad gift

It’s that time of year again, end of school is already here! I know, I can’t believe it either! It goes by faster and faster every year! And it’s grad week! If you’re like me, you probably have multiple grads in your life. We had four this year! And all over the state! We’ve already attended one grad party, and we have two more, plus one graduation to attend! Each one of the beautiful graduates in our life is unique and has different plans, so we had to get pretty creative and thrifty with gifts this year! My mom and I split the cost to get three of those girls nice gifts, which is such a smart way to go! They each got a nice leather bag of some sort to suit their soon-to-be lifestyles and personalities. For example, one of them got a 4-pc travel bag set, one a laptop briefcase, and the other just a simple sling purse! We believe in gifting useful items!

The final graduate, who is on my dad’s side of the family, is actually coming to college near us! So we hope to see her often! I wanted to give her some gift cards to local restaurants and drive-throughs near her, since we know the area. But I didn’t want it to be a boring gift. I saw this pizza box full of money idea and used that as my inspiration:

But I wanted something a little cuter and I just couldn’t bring myself to put her money/gift cards in an actual pizza box! I did search our local Michaels for a new pizza box or something similar and just couldn’t find what I wanted! So I decided to buy something she could actually use. I call these “scrapbook boxes” because that’s how I use them, and they come in several colors. Then I picked out some cute food-related scrapbook paper, like this round donut with sprinkles I used as my base (crust). I cut pizza slices out of other fun paper and layered with her gift cards, some inspiration notes, threw in some $5 bills, and voila a cute “pizza”!

I kept the phrase simple “Anyway you slice it, you’re amazing!”. Then on the inside, there’s a little note from us. I love how cute it turned out and hope she liked it! Just a fun way to give gift cards and/or money! We also found this giant snackeez cup to go along with it!

So if you want to gift with gift cards, consider doing something like this! Maybe it’s just one cute paper pizza slice with a pizza gift card, or a cup with a Starbucks gift card. Keep it simple but useful, and you’re sure to please any grad!

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  1. Cynthia Gamez says:

    I love this…


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