Thinking Caps On

Hey y’all! How’s your week going? It’s hump day, already! So this week I’m just searching for inspiration! I need a little break from decluttering (reading Declutter: The Japanese Art of Minimalism for motivation) because it’s just so emotionally stressful! For now, I’m wanting to do a quick-style in the boys bathroom! I say boys, because this is Chisum’s and our guest bath, but Husband also uses it because he gets up at least an hour before us! What do I mean by a quick-style? Well this tiny bath is currently just scraping by and I wouldn’t consider it very functional, and it’s certainly not pretty! I want to spend very little and do this small space as quickly as possible! I’m envisioning a masculine bathroom, with matte black, white, and real wood. Because Husband is a little scared of matte black paint all over the walls, I’m leaning towards a black metal vanity. We won’t be replacing the ivory shower insert, and I’m not yet sure about the flooring! Everything else is fair game! Do you have any ideas for me? Here I am, pondering, dreaming, and seeking inspiration!

And here are some photos of the room in its current state!

I really hate all this bulky wood! Whatever is salvageable will find a new home in Dad’s shop! 

There are giant holes in the wall and pealing texture! Not to mention two different paint colors! 

This light doesn’t even work, along with the fan and vent! All will need to be replaced!

And also the cutest boy in a pink bath ever! Bath bombs are turning my rough and tough boy into a pampered diva! But that skin is so soft, so I’m not complaining!

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  1. If you are looking for a quick fix with all that wood you can always paint it!! And replace the light fixture for more light! Maybe lighter/cleaner colors!?! Happy remodeling!

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