Taking Inventory

Does a girl really need three sets of mixing bowls in three different materials?

The answer is NO! Unless she’s an avid baker that is, or using her personal kitchen for a baking business!! Using Remodelista’s Kitchen Inventory List, and being inspired by Cait’s Year of Less where she got rid of more than 40% of her household items, I got down to business in the kitchen taking inventory and removing the excess! Let me just tell you, IT WAS HARD. In the beginning! But I could soon tell that the next time I dug in the cupboards for something, it wasn’t going to take me fifteen frustrating minutes to find what I needed. Everything was going to have a designated place, and oh how wonderful that feeling was!

So I began in the baking cabinet, because I knew I had too many similar items and this would be good motivation. Remodelista advises that you choose your items wisely. For instance, choose mixing bowls that can be used for multiple purposes. I have a glass 3-piece set of Pyrex, a cheap plastic set of two-one small and one large, and a stainless steel set of four, with lids. I chose to keep my stainless steel set for these reasons:

  1. They have lids.
  2. They fit within each other.
  3. They can go in the fridge or on the stove.
  4. They are virtually indestructible.

Bearing in mind that I might not be able to remove 40% of our kitchen goods, and that Remodelista models a minimalism plan based on the number of people living in your household, I set out to just remove something from each of my cabinets. Most minimalist plans encourage you to only have one or two items per person in your household. I knew that one plate per person was not realistic for my household! Yes, this would cut down on the amount of dishes that inevitably build up, and thus the time I spend at the kitchen sink, but we do entertain often and that almost always involves a meal. She also encourages you to let go of mismatched, chipped, and sentimental items. When you pull out a coffee cup, you want to ask yourself “Why do I have this? When did I last use this?”. If you have a holiday set that you only use once a year, box them up and store them with your holiday decor. If you’re holding onto something you’ve never used, simply because it was a gift, you DON’T need it! This is usually the hardest for me because I think “Someone lovingly chose this item with me in mind.”! When those thoughts impede my decision-making about an item, I ask myself “Would the person, who loves me and gave me this, want me to feel such anxiety about keeping it in my home, especially when I’ve never used it?”. This almost always gives me the freedom to let it go.

I went from door to door with the goal of removing at least one thing, and surprisingly I removed a lot more than I ever imagined! Some of it was simply boxed up with their specific holiday counterparts. My cupboards are still pretty full! But all those mismatched pieces have been given away or put in the donate box!

Another really helpful part of Remodelista for me was in the pantry. I love how in the book, she gives you a tip and/or a list to follow, and includes some photos for all different situations and homes. She encourages you to unbox those cereals, pastas, etc. Number one, this will give you so much more space! And number two, you can see what you have and what you need at a glance. Plus you get the added benefit of a visually appealing pantry. Mine’s not really that well organized, but at a glance, everything seems in its place. I was amazed by how many little packets of gummy snacks I found! This is an item that is ALWAYS on the grocery list! What I learned, besides the fact that we have a 6-month supply of gummies, was that we are spending money unnecessarily. Also, there’s no need to invest in fancy Tupperware storage, just get some items from your local Dollar Tree and get creative!

See the gummies container on the left? I’ve got to stop taking my 3-year-old to the grocery store!

Well now I’ve conquered a closet and decluttered a kitchen! The donations are piling up! On to the next room!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary says:

    I need help with this. I am quite the hoarder!


    1. I think this book would really help you! I’m trying to nip the hoarding in the bud!


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